Misty’s Benjie RN CGC

“Ben” was a beautiful black and white neutered male. Ben came to us after being rescued by a friend from a home where he was abused.  He was extremely scared of men, and shy around any person. After months of hard work, he loves women and children, but is still slightly shy around men. We feel that he has come a long way from the dog we could barely touch in August of 2003. Ben was born April 17, 2002, bred by Darel Baker, of Rolla, MO. He is registered with ABCA, AKC, and recorded with the ASCA. He has been a “4-H dog” since spring of 2004, completing 4 courses of 4-H training. He has had basic obedience training and basic agility training. He has a strong drive to herd. Ben is out of cattle stock and is a big help with our calves. Currently we are competing in AKC Rally trials with Ben. We are proud to announce that he successfully completed the Canine Good Citizen testing, even with his innate fear of strangers and storms (it was raining the night of the test). He also qualified in Rally three times, giving him the honor of a Rally Novice degree. He now proudly carries both the well-deserved titles behind his name.


    Hips:  Mild dysplasia

    Elbows: Normal BCO-EL728M30-PI

CERF: BCO-3472/2007–67

Titles: Canine Good Citizen (AKC) Rally Novice (AKC)