“Uli” is a bi-factored black and white female born February 18th, 2012. Uli is about 34 pounds and 19 inches tall.

Uli is a very special girl to us, as she combines the bloodlines of four dear dogs– Hammie (and thereby Janie and Matches) and Nike. Uli is more like Janie everyday, while still being her own dog, and we couldn’t be happier with her. Uli’s name is pronounced “You-lee” after Tora’s very dear friend Eulynn, a fellow Border Collie lover and Matches’ owner’s sister.

 Uli is shaping up to be an excellent stockdog, with natural wide flanks and lots of drive. We hope to begin ASCA and AHBA herding trials soon, but mostly appreciate her help around the farm. She works sheep, goats, and even alpacas with ease, and is quiet enough to work ducks, geese, and other poultry as well.

She earned her ASCA-RN title at the ripe old age of seven months in three tries with all placements. She earned her ASCA-RA title before she turned a year old in three tries. She passed her CGC test with ease at 8 months. She is doing well with her agility training, although it is taking a back burner to herding lessons, rally practice, and Tora’s vet school work. Uli has legs towards her AKC BN and CD titles, as well as her ASCA-RAC title and we hope to finish those titles early in 2014.

Uli also enjoys hiking with Nike and Tora and is working towards her PD and PDX titles while completing the 100 Missouri Miles Challenge in 2014.

Uli is a fun and fun-loving all-around kind of girl. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! Tora has very high hopes for her in the herding, agility, rally, and obedience circles– at this point it looks like only Tora will be holding Uli back!

Click here to view Uli’s OFA health profile.


    Hips: EXCELLENT BCO-10716E35F-VPI

    Elbows: Normal BCO-EL2859F35-VPI

   Patellae: Normal BCO-PA162/35F/S-VPI

BAER Hearing: BCO-BR287/9F-PI

CERF: BCO-376900


    Companion Dog (ASCA)

               ~*~*Uli completed her ASCA-CD title at the GASC Chill Chaser at Purina Farms in February 2014, just before her second birthday*~*~

    Rally Advance X (ASCA)

               ~*~* Uli finished her RAX title out of the C class at the GASC Chill Chaser at Purina Farms in February 2014 with scores of 200++, 197, and 198. *~*~

    Rally Novice C (ASCA)

                ~*~* Uli finished her RNC title on Sunday at the ASC of MA October 2013 trial at the Columbia Canine Sports Center*~*~

    Rally Novice X (ASCA)

                ~*~*Uli finished her RNX title on Saturday at the ASC of MA October 2013 trial at the Columbia Canine Sports Center with a perfect score of 200!*~*~

    Rally Novice (AKC)

                ~*~* Uli finished her RN title in three tries with all placements (two seconds and a fourth) in July 2013 at the Tri-County Agility Club trial at Westinn Kennels*~*~

    Rally Advance (ASCA)

                ~*~* Uli finished her ASCA-RA in three tries at the Gateway ASC trial at Purina Farms in February 2013– a couple weeks before her first birthday!*~*~

    Rally Novice (ASCA)

                ~*~*Uli finished her ASCA-RN in three tries with all placements out of the Rally Novice B class at the ASC of MA trial on September 30th, 2012. A second, a third, and a fourth place at just seven months old!!*~*~

     Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

            ~*~*Uli passed her CGC test at the Canine Games at Purina on October 14th, 2012. She did a great job with all elements! She will need to take it again in 2013 for her TDI test.*~*~