“Janie” is a heavy boned, athletically built tri colored female. She is approximately 45 pounds and 21 inches tall with a full scissors bite and semi-prick ears. She was born December 9, 2001, bred by Darrel Baker of Rolla, MO. She is out of stock used on cattle and horses, so she is very gritty. She does not back down from a stray cow, but knows when to be gentle enough for ducks. Janie lives to please people and has been a huge blessing to our family. She took three children through 4-H and is still competitive in the rally ring at age eleven.

Janie began her obedience and agility career with Zach. After he lost interest in dog shows, Tora took over and she and Janie were a pretty dynamic duo for several years at county, regional, state, and national levers. Janie is a 2006 National 4-H Agility Champion (Agility 1 off-lead). Once Tora aged out of 4-H, Janie continued with Teri.  Her final go in a 4-H competition was the 2012 MO State Fair Rally II contest, where she won second place.

Janie is Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog, International certified. Janie is a huge hit with the men at the local Memory Care facility and will play ball or disc with them endlessly.

Janie also is a great disc dog, and loves to play all forms of ball.  We often use her as a co-outfielder in our family baseball games. She is a wonderful all-around dog; the ultimate farm/family dog. We take her with us many places and she has become loved by all who know her.

Janie’s puppies and grandpuppies carry on her legacy as great herding, agility, obedience, disc, search-and-rescue, and flyball dogs. Janie has been spayed and semi-retired. She still makes her weekly visits to the nursing home and is working on her AKC RE title.


    Hips: Good BCO-5667G38F-PI

    Elbows: Normal BCO-EL782F38-PI

CERF: BCO-2865/2009-89


                ~*~*Janie placed 12/24 at the 2013  AKC Rally National Competition in Tulsa. She had a great time and barely hit a jump, knocking her out of the placements. We are so proud of her!!*~*~

                ~*~*Janie qualified for the Rally Advanced class at the Inaugural AKC Rally National Competition, held March 15th, 2013, in Tulsa, OK! She will be eleven years old at the competition.*~*~

                ~*~* Janie earned her first leg in Excellent A (a move up in lieu of an Advanced bumper leg, with just one week to learn the Excellent signs) with a first place!!!!*~*~

Rally Advanced (AKC)

        ~*~* Janie completed her Rally Advanced title on June 30th, 2012 in three tries– and a first and second place!*~*~

Companion Dog (ASCA) 2006

          Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

          Therapy Dog Inc, Advanced (TDI)

                    *~*Winner of the 2006 Rally High Point at the MO State Fair 4-H and FFA Dog Show*~*~

                    ~*~*Winner of the 2006 Agility 1 off-lead at the National 4-H Agility Show*~*~