Our Goats

We began raising goats in 1997 when Teri, our youngest child, was found to be allergic to cow’s milk. We started with a grade Alpine/Nubian cross doe who was an excellent milker. Our next addition was a registered Nubian buck, The Schenck’s Sir Napoleon Jr., who became our foundation herd sire and can still be found on our Nubian does’ pedigrees. After acquiring Junior, we began raising purebred registered and percentage Nubian goats. We hand-milked the does and bottle raised all kids. When Junior died, we bought a new buck, K-Judel Mighty Nero, a nephew of Junior’s. Nero can also be found on many of our does’ pedigrees.

Throughout the years we have dabbled in Angoras, Pygmies, and Boers, but we have come back around to the dairy goats. We own ADGA Purebred LaMancha bucks and offer at least 50% ADGA papers on all doe kids. 


J-2-J Diaper Butt        

“Diaper” is an ADGA Purebred registered LaMancha buck born March 24th, 2013. We are excited to incorporate his excellent bloodlines into our herd. He is out of Forrest Pride stock, known for their show and milking performance. Diaper is a broken chamoise.

The Dance with Me Fantasia

    “Fantasia” is a beautiful February 2009 LaMancha doe. She is from an Amish dairy, with good milk production. She is black/tan with a large white belly band and gopher ears, giving her an unusual appearance. Fantasia is Native on Appearance recorded with the ADGA.

~*~*Fantasia won Reserve Champion LaMancha at the 2010 Meramec Community Fair*~*~

*~*~Fantasia won Reserve Champion Dairy Goat at the 2010 Crawford Co. Fair*~*~


Heidi is a commercial Lamancha cross doe born in March 2012 at a Missouri cheese dairy. She is a pretty dark cou clair and lovely elf ears. She has excellent milk production.