Border Collies

Our Program

     Our goal is to provide that dog that will excel at a certain job or sport and be a fun athletic partner, with a sound mind and body that will last for many, many years. 

    We expect our Border Collies to live in our house peaceably, help us on our farm, compete in our choice of dog spots, and pass all their health clearances. Our personal dogs are registered with ABCA and recorded with AKC and ASCA to allow us to enjoy companion events. We also trial in AHBA herding events.

We do not compete in conformation with our Border Collies, as we do not hold to a written physical standard. We select our dogs based on working ability, work ethic, temperament, and physical soundness. As stated by the ABCA, color, markings, coat length, ear set, eye color, etc., do not influence the working ability of the dog, and thus we choose a dog whose appearance pleases us.

    Our dogs have OFA certified hips, elbows, and patellae (knees), CERF certified eyes, and BAER certified hearing.

Our Puppies

    Our puppies receive only the finest care from the minute they are born. They live in our home (they are even born in our master bathroom!) until they go to their new homes. They are held and played with from day one. They accompany us to the local nursing home for a safe, clean socialization hour (or two) each week.   They wear collars starting at around five weeks old. They are bathed as needed and we start their leash training.  We try to come up with games to stimulate learning and problem solving. Blue merle puppies, blue-eyed puppies, and puppies with white over their ears are taken to be BAER hearing tested at six weeks. Each puppy is taken to an eye specialist and examined for CERF certification before going to their new homes at eight weeks. All the puppies are examined by our local veterinarian.  The puppies are vaccinated twice and dewormed regularly, and started on heartworm/flea/tick prevention. The puppies are ready to go at eight weeks.

Our Rescues

    As owners of Border Collies, we feel a deep need to help this breed as much as possible. Besides educating the public about this breed, we also rescue abused, neglected, and/or homeless Border Collies. These dogs are purebred Border Collies that would be destroyed or forced to live in confinement their entire life. After we complete all necessary medical treatment (vaccination, spay/neuter, etc) we begin basic obedience and often, basic agility and rally training.  When we feel the dog is properly socialized, trained, and completes any medical treatment, we put it up for adoption to a forever home.  

Our Inspiration


The inspiration for our Border Collies started with the dogs belonging to Eva’s great-grandma Wilma. Her sable “farm collie”, Fanny, and her lemon Border Collie, Lassie, showed all the qualities every good Border Collie should.


 Zane and Eva rescued the next Border Collie in the family, Bill, in 1986. Bill had three working legs; his left fore leg had been injured.

 These dogs inspired a love for Border Collies that has been, and will be, passed on through the generations.