Our Dogs

Our Great Pyrenees

Our Great Pyrenees are selected for their working ability, temperament, breed characteristics, and longevity. They must protect our livestock and live in the field, yet we expect them to be willing to come inside for a bath or to be groomed. They must walk on leashes and ride in cars and allow us to provide them with medical treatment or care. They must pass their health clearances before being integrated into our breeding program. Our dogs are registered with AKC. We do not show in conformation, although we do expect our dogs to conform to breed type.

Elkhorn’s Hope Everlasting

“Hope” is a lovely female with badger markings. She was born January 25, 2006, bred by Tina Travis of Warrenton, MO. She shows correct structure and head type. She is 94 pounds. Hope spends her time in our weaning pen, guarding our up-and-coming Boer goats and rabbits. Hope is a silly girl and loves to “hug” her people.

CHIC # 47708


            Hips: Good GP-5165G27F-VPI

            Elbows: Normal GPEL485F27-VPI

           Patellae: Normal GP-PA281/27F/P-VPI

           Cardiac: Normal GP-CA152/27F/C-PI

CERF: GP-288

DNA Profile #: V541935

Pedigree (click to enlarge): 

Lemon’s Great Is Thy Faithfulness

“Faith” is our newest addition. Her bloodlines are very similar to Grace’s. She was bred by Helen Lemon of Warrenton, MO. Faith is a badger girl, with proper breed type and a lovely head.  She is 26 inches tall. She was born October 21st, 2009. Faith is a wonderful guardian always on alert. She is quick to react to a sound and gone to check it out in a flash. She is excellent at keeping coyotes away from the farm. Faith has been spayed.


            Hips: prelims done April 10th, 2011,  OFA rated GOOD.

            Elbows: prelims done April 10th, 2011, OFA rated Normal

            Patellae: GP-PA474/17/P-VPI OFA rated Normal

            Cardiac: Normal GP-CA287/17F/C-VPI

CERF: GP-326

DNA profile: C0766362

Pedigree (click to enlarge):  


 Eriphos Farm Sitka

Sitka is a Faith and Little John puppy born November 21, 2011.  He is a large,  white with red-brown markings, neutered male.  He guards our farm with his mother, Faith.


   Sunny South’s Image of Honor CGC

“Honor” was bred by Sam Holmes of Letohatchee, Alabama.  He has excellent bloodlines– his father is Ch. Rivergrove’s Platinum Image, and his mother, Polly of Sunny South Pyrenees, is out of Ch. Tip’NChip’s Spirit of Thornhill CDX RAE and Ch. Patorama Glimmer of Hope. Only two dogs on his pedigree have not finished their championship. We had high hopes for Honor and planed on visiting the conformation ring with him. He has completed his health testing and sadly was found to have Moderate Hip Dysplasia at 17 months.  Honor is neutered and now lives with Tora in Monett, MO where she is a Veterinarian.


            Hips: failed, Preliminary Moderate Dysplasia

            Elbows: passed, Preliminary Normal

            Patellae:  Normal GP-PA450/17M/P-VPI

            Cardiac: Normal GP-CA286/12MC-VPI

CERF: GP-327/2010–12

DNA profile: V579606

Titles: Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

Pedigree (click to enlarge): 

In Loving Memory

Lemon’s Amazing Grace

    “Grace” is a large female with tan markings. She was born on October 01, 2002, bred by Helen Lemon of New London, MO. Grace’s pedigree goes back the Tip N’ Chip bloodlines. She weighs 117-120 pounds and is 27 inches tall..  She has a lovable sweet temperament but when it comes to stray dogs and wildlife she is all business. She is the heavy boned “bear” headed style. She is the guardian of our rabbitry and poultry. She is excellent at keeping vermin and stray dogs away. Grace has been spayed and retired.

Grace passed away April 18, 2017 at the age of 14 1/2.


          Hips: Good GP-4702G26F-PI

          Elbows: Normalgp-EL271F26-PI

CERF: GP-290/2007–62

DNA Profile #: V516971

Pedigree (click to enlarge): 

Self’s Little John

“Little John” is a large, tall male with red-brown markings. He was born April 05, 2005, bred by Sylvia Self of Owensville, MO. He is conditionally registered with AKC. He has  very correct head and type. Little John is 115 pounds and is 27 inches tall. Little John serves as our whole-farm guardian, and protects everything from the front porch to goats in the fields and the horses in the back woods. John is reserved around strangers but is lovable and loyal with his family, and generally warms to people quickly.

Little John passed away November 18, 2013.

CHIC# 39848


            Hips: Fair GP-5039F24M-PI

            Elbows: Normal GP-EL410M24-PI

            Patellae: Normal GP-PA185/24M/P-PI

CERF: GP-289/2007–30

DNA Profile# V492148

Pedigree (click to enlarge):