BWF Dixie

“Dixie” was a ticked black tri female. She was a sweet girl but shy. She was not socialized at all before she came to us, and was wary of strangers. She had accepted our family and was well on her way to becoming an excellent dog. She had excellent bloodlines, with many import dogs on her pedigree. She was bred by Dave Birch of Birchwood Farms in Perry, MO.

Sadly, Dixie had a hard labor and needed an emergency C-section after her first puppy, Marti May, was delivered normally. Dixie didĀ fine during the surgery, but as the vet was putting in the last few staples, she coded on the table. All attempts were made to bring her back, but she had suffered a stroke. Though we did not expect her to make it through the night, we brought her home. Dixie died at 4:30, May 5, 2005. She had six wonderful puppies, whom we hand-raised. Dixie loved puppies, as you can see by the photo at the right, where she is “helping” with Janie’s puppies.

CERF#: BCO-2864